The William Callyhan Robinson Society

The William Callyhan Robinson Society was created to honor those distinguished Columbus School of Law Alumni who graduated forty or more years ago. The Society is named for The Honorable William Callyhan Robinson, who was appointed the first dean of the Catholic University of America Law School. 

The Society meets annually each fall to admit interested new members.  A Convenor is selected from among the current and incoming members of the Society to lead the ceremony.

Fall 2013 Inductees


James M. Breen, Esquire
Class of 1968

Robert Garren, Esquire
Class of 1972

Richard C. Browne, Esquire
Class of 1963

Allie B. Latimer, Esquire
Class of 1958

William H. Carroll, Jr., Esquire
Class of 1968

J. Paul Molloy, Esquire
Class of 1965

The Honorable Joseph F. Cimini
Class of 1973

Jane W. Molloy, Esquire
Class of 1965

Michael F. Curtin, Esquire
Class of 1965

James J. Naccarato, Esquire
Class of 1947

Donald W. Farley, Esquire
Class of 1969

Jean J. Provost, Esquire
Class of 1963

Dena C. Feeney, Esquire
Class of 1963

Lawrence R. Radanovic, Esquire
Class of 1963

The Honorable James D. Finn, Jr.
Class of 1963

Professor Ralph J. Rohner
Class of 1963

J. James Gallagher, Esquire
Class of 1968

Stanley J. Samorajczyk, Esquire
Class of 1967


Professor Ellen M. Scully
Class of 1967



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